Executive Assistant to the President

The Executive Assistant to the President is the primary support and contact person for all business concerning and related to him. This includes all communication, correspondence, and coordination; scheduling and calendar management; meeting preparation and follow-up; customer relationship management oversight; travel planning and coordination; and general administrative support.

  1. Function as the primary support and contact person for all matters related to the President in accomplishing his duties and responsibilities.
  2. Manage all forms of communication, including incoming and outgoing phone calls, voicemails, e-mail, and regular mail.
  3. Assist the President with the creation, editing, and distribution of construction proposals, contracts, and other related documentation.
  4. Manage the President’s calendar, scheduling meetings and other activities, and responding to requests for his time.
  5. Regularly communicate with the President about his calendar, including prompting him when something is coming up with regular reminders and suggestions for schedule changes.
  6. Proactively prepare the President for all township land development and other meetings/engagements to which he is committed.
  7. Actively determine what’s required/requested for all meetings and other engagements and ensure the President is prepared accordingly and in advance.
  8. Manage the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application helping the President to actively engage clients and potential clients in developing key relationships and related business opportunities.
  9. Establish sales and other related business processes using the CRM, including regular and routine prompting of the president when action is needed.
  10. Actively participate in client communication, follow-up, and relationship development on behalf of the President.
  11. Identify and implement a travel management application to ensure the President has complete access to all travel details via his mobile phone.
  12. Establish and maintain detailed travel records, including preferences (airline, seats, rental cars, lodging, etc.), payment methods, reward programs, and other related information.
  13. Regularly review travel plans with the President and ensure options are presented and all arrangements are made upon approval.
  14. Handle all duties normally expected of an administrative assistant, including management of the President’s office space, creation of correspondence, meeting space preparation, hosting of guests, etc.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned.

This position requires a minimum of 5 to 7 years of experience as an executive assistant or office manager in a business environment. Experience in or related to the construction or real estate industries is preferred. Possession of a High School diploma or equivalent is required. Completing coursework toward or completing an AA/BA Degree in Business or a related field is a plus. The successful individual will also have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and familiarity with office equipment, data management methods, and other tools associated with office support.