Butler Manufacturing and Sourcewell

Butler Manufacturing and Sourcewell

ConstructioneeringTM  is the process used by Gorski Engineering to successfully deliver projects that enhance the operations of local governments. During this trademarked process, Gorski Engineering, a national award-winning contractor, meets with municipalities, learns the project requirements and desired outcomes, prepares plans, project scope, budget, and procurement, all while utilizing a design-build approach.

Sixty-eight years of construction experience allows Gorski to perform efficiently and cost-effectively to the benefit of its communities. Performing at the Associated Builders & Contractors’ Platinum Level of Safety, the Gorski Engineering team is proud of its role as an OSHA Strategic Partner since 2008. Its safety program is at the core of its operations and is specific to each project.

Through Sourcewell, Gorski contracts with BlueScope Construction, and the two are tasked with delivering public buildings at or below the average cost standard recognized by the federal government for the project type. The program works for both new building and renovation projects.

BlueScope's national reputation as a government construction expert has been honed over the past 30 years. An integrated supply chain gives BlueScope the ability to control a project’s steel procurement, design, detailing, fabrication, delivery and building shell erection, with the added advantage of a one-stop warranty program. Though national in scope, BlueScope is able to execute each project at a local level with contractors, such as Gorski Engineering, who are from the local area and are familiar with a community’s specific needs and codes. BlueScope named Gorski Engineering its Government Services Builder of the Year in 2021!

Butler Manufacturing has been a go-to for pre-engineered projects across the country for many years. Butler buildings and construction services can be purchased through its sister company, BlueScope Construction, and its contract with Sourcewell for state and local governments, education kindergarten through university, and nonprofits. Butler Builder® dealers also are eligible to work on the GSA Federal Supply Schedule projects.

Gorski was named a Butler Manufacturing Career Builder in 2000!

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